What fragrances do you use in your products?

When we add fragrance to any of our skin, hair or body products we use only naturally sourced ingredients, which means that every single starting material and input into the fragrance is from a natural source and NO synthetic ingredients are used. In practice that means we create unique blends that are comprised of essential oils, extracts and plant-derived ingredients.

With every formulation that we create we always seek to use the fewest ingredients possible and we maintain this philosophy with our fragrances too. One of the best things about naturally sourced fragrances is that they can be used at exceptionally low concentrations but still pack a powerful olfactory punch and smell great!

For our skincare products, specifically, we do not use fragrance to protect our compositions. And in fact, every single one of our skincare products is fragrance free except for our bergamot and juniper-scented face wash, which lists the three essential oils in it within its ingredient list, sourced from Northern California.

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