Aloe Leaf Juice

Aloe Leaf Juice is the first ingredient in both our Everyday Face Wash and Vital Morning Cream. This is in place of water, the first (and therefore at the highest level) ingredient in most comparable skincare products. Think of the juice as super-charged water, adding more to the formulas so that they can work harder for your skin.

Why did we choose Aloe?
Our use of Aloe Leaf Juice is two-fold: (1) it lowers the pH of the aqueous portion of our cleanser and face creams; and (2) it packs the formulas with additional “good stuff.”

The pH of Aloe Vera Leaf juice is closer to your skin’s natural pH than is water, which is slightly basic by comparison. By using Aloe in place of water, we’re able to lower the pH of both the cleansing and moisturization systems, so that they’re better fitted to serve your skin upon contact.

While most of Aloe Leaf Juice is, admittedly, water, it is also packed with all sorts of “good stuff,” including antioxidant Vitamins A, C, and E, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, and numerous enzymes, minerals, sugars, and skin actives like salicylic acid and amino acids. By looking to Aloe, we also decreased the need for plasticizers such as synthetic carbomer to thicken the system and the need for additional antibacterials to boost the formula’s preservative system.

All this “good stuff” can only help. While the natural components of Aloe Leaf Juice add primarily to the formula’s preservative system, ensuring no incubation of microbes in the formula, these same impurities may also boost the skin’s own defense system. These extra Aloe molecules are at levels too low to be noticeably irritating, but may still add powerful anti-inflammatory properties to the Everyday Face Wash and Vital Morning Cream.

In a protective and restorative skincare regimen, Aloe Leaf Juice is far superior to boring old water. That’s why we used it whenever we could.

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