Compatible Essential Oils

Throughout the Geologie regimen, essential oil combinations contribute to anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and light-weight emollient properties. No fussy fragrances here, these oils do real work. 

Our essential oils are curated for their topical benefits, and are compatible across the entire regimen. Any and all oils are theoretically miscible with each other—remember “like dissolves like” from high school chemistry?! But we aimed for peak compatibility by choosing oils with similar and overlapping hydrocarbon, tannin, flavonoid, monoterpene, and sesquiterpene (to name just a few!) constituents. With matching fatty acids and compatible supporting players, even small levels of the essential oils go a long way in creating effective products with superior textures. That’s why we only used essential oils that brought real functionality to the table, and not just a nice fragrance profile. (Ok, they also smell nice too.)

Be wary of buying products that promise the magical properties of an essential oil. Oftentimes, essential oils contribute little more than fragrance, and are usually accompanied by additional synthetic “fragrance,” and a higher price tag. At Geologie, we only use ingredients because they work for your skin, so you don’t have to.

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