When do you make it clear that I'm subscribed?

Subscriptions are about convenience and we only want you to get what you want, when you want it. So before and during your trial here are the moments where we make subscription clear:

1. In our diagnostic results section.

2. During checkout, before you finalize your purchase.

3. Again after checkout, we outline our subscription and returns policies via order confirmation email.

Charging orders that our customers don't want serves no one. As the company, we incur a wide variety of costs on unwanted orders (transaction fees, shipping, and customer service just to name a few) and, much worse, we end up with bummed out customers.

So we do our level best to avoid this. If you don't want a subscription, for any reason, we don't want you to have one. You can always buy a la carte, and if you prefer that, we prefer that too!

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How do I change what's included in my subscription?

After my trial has ended, how much do the full sets cost?

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