Products gentle enough to use everyday

We don’t just make formulas that mostly work, that just smell nice, or that just look great on your shelf. At Geologie, we match your skin’s needs with a skincare regimen effective against anything life throws at you or your skin, safe for use everyday. (Ok, they also smell great and look nice on your shelf, too.)

Uncompromising & gentle products
We intentionally formulated so that you could use Geologie products mindlessly. This means all skin-active ingredients are at levels safe enough to use everyday, all surfactants are mild, and all subtle scents are from non-irritating natural oils:
Salicylic Acid and Retinol are included at levels high enough to be effective against blemishes and visible signs of aging, but low enough so as to not risk adverse effects if your use the cleanser consistently everyday (which you’re supposed to!), or if you accidentally use too much cleanser on any given day.
The surfactants—the main chemicals doing the cleansing—are effective enough to grab surface oils and grime from your skin’s surface, but mild enough so as to not to solubilize your skin’s healthy oils. Instead of SLS or SLES, we opted for Sodium Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, and Polysorbate 20. (P20 is used in eye contact lens solution, to deliver an effective clean without causing irritation).
The subtle scents, if included in your personalized regimen, are from natural sources not from “fragrance.” We turned to essential oils for our fragrances for two main reasons: (1) at low levels, these natural aromatics are low- (to no-) sensitizing and; (2) we believe you deserve more transparency than the opaque label of “fragrance.”

Gentle products for powerful skin protection
When used together, the Geologie regimen does more than just cleanse, hydrate, and renew. Only cleansing may make your skin too dry; only using a moisturizer may make your skin too greasy; using eye cream on top on unwashed skin is just throwing money down the drain. To make each of your steps as effective as possible, they should be used in combination with each other. 

With these regimens, we’re redefining what “effective” means, with products that work without compromise. This means a cleanser that won’t strip your skin of its healthy oils and natural moisturization, face creams that deliver immediate moisturization without drying to a greasy film, and an overnight eye cream that boosts your delicate dermis’ natural recovery process without weighing it down with ingredients that can only mimic restoration. At Geologie, “effective” means “everyday.”

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