These four products do all you need, and then some

First things first, why do you need all four products? Isn’t a cleanser sufficient? Not really, no. Cleansers help remove excess surface oils and aid your skin in desquamation (i.e. the shedding of dead skin cells). Even gentle cleansers, however, may remove too much of your healthy sebum (a mix of oils and amino acids that act like cement between your healthy skin cells). Woah, only a few sentences in already heavy-hitting with the vocab. It’s okay if this is too much to handle right now. Stick with us and it’ll come together soon enough. If you’re here it means you’re a champion of patience and endurance anyways. Go you. Now keep going.

You may experience over-cleaned skin as a feeling of dry or tightness immediately after patting your face dry. Following a cleanser with a moisturizer can help mitigate the loss of excess water and oil. If a cleanser works too well—removing more than it should—it could leave your skin more vulnerable to dirt and irritants than if the cleanser was not used at all.

That said, it’s just as important to pick the right product as it is to use it correctly. In Geologie’s morning routine, we specifically design your Vital Morning Face Cream to follow the Everyday Face Wash. For example, salicylic acid in the cleanser locally lowers the pH of your skin’s acid mantle, encouraging the break of keratinocytes and loosening dead skin cells from the stratum corneum, facilitating desquamation. The salicylic acid washes away with rinsing, as does the junk that would’ve otherwise stuck around. In facilitating the removal of dead skin cells in this way, salicylic acid limits pore clogging. But by this same mechanism salicylic acid can often feel drying. So as not to expose your freshly-exfoliated skin to over-dryness or environmental contaminants, we packed the Vital Morning Cream with moisturizing argan kernel oil, castor seed oil, and sodium hyaluronate. All together, these will keep your skin happy and protected over the course of the day.

Repeat in the evening: use the Everyday Face Wash to rid your skin of the day’s oil, grime, pollution, and un-shed dead skin. Follow with the Repairing Night Cream and Nourishing Eye Cream to deliver to your skin all it needs to repair and revamp your skin for the next day.

If any regimen step is skipped, the effectiveness of each remaining step is compromised. If cream is applied on unwashed skin for instance, moisturization factors have to fight their way through a rigid layer of dead skin cells or excess oil before they can deliver hydration to your skin‍. 

A balanced regimen strips, then adds back; removes oils, and hydrates. It’s all a delicate balance. Not all skincare products can provide the dual (and often contrasting) benefits that a comprehensive regimen requires. But don’t worry, Geologie has your back. Our products have all you need (emphasis on you, because they’re personalized), and then some. Between the four Geologie products, you’re equipped with a complete skincare regimen.

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