How do I refill my body wash bottle?

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We're glad to hear you're enjoying one of our three great body wash scents, and even happier that you decided to snag one of our refill pouches to reduce product waste. Our refill pouches are made with 84% less plastic and leave less of a carbon footprint than most traditional packaging (check out more of what we're doing on that front here).

If you're in need of some instructions on how to refill your original bottle, look no further:

  1. First, the unique center-dispensing cap snaps in place and is not a screw-on top.
  2. To unsnap it, from the cap closed position, twist it counter-clockwise to the open position, as if you were about to squeeze some out.
  3. Wrap your hand around the cap -- or use your thumb -- and gently tilt the cap forward (away from you), and the cap should pop right off.
  4. Refill using the Body Wash Refill pouch.
  5. To replace the cap simply place it back on top of the bottle and gently turn the cap clockwise while pressing down on it until the cap snaps back in place. Test it to make sure it's secure by opening and closing the center-dispensing cap a few times.

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