Caring for the skin underneath your scruff

Even bushy beards aren’t cover enough to hide from a skincare regimen. Your cheek and chin skin needs grooming too!

The state of your beard (coarseness, follicle size, length, etc.) plays into your cheek and chin skin health. Beard hair may act either as a skin protectant or irritant, physically blocking the access to skin by environmental contaminants or else blocking the full removal of skin cells. Though less irritants get access to your skin, your beard hair may induce dead skin cells to stick around, clogging pores and potentially creating flakes or itchiness. Often, this outweighs any beard protective powers.

Daily use of a gentle Salicylic Acid cleanser is at the root of beard care, pun intended. The BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) in the Everyday Face Wash is sufficient to help combat the chance of irritation and itchiness beneath your beard.

Beard care is simple enough to fold into your regular routine: (1) Wash your beard the same way you wash your hair: rub some sudsy shampoo through your beard while in the shower. Those with fuller or coarser beards may want to use a dash of conditioner as well, even if you don’t use it on your head. (2) Treat the dry skin under your beard the same way you treat the rest of your face: wash it with a gentle face wash twice a day and moisturize! You may have to rub a little harder and longer to get the cleanser spread over the surface beneath your beard, but who doesn’t love a little face massage?

One more quick note: Try to avoid beard oils heavy in fragrance. The scent is okay for the beard, but may cause irritation or redness if it reaches the skin’s surface.

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