Friendly Fraud & Charge Disputes

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We take fraud seriously

With the rise of chargeback fraud, also known as Friendly Fraud, Geologie has contracted Legal counsel and Fraud Agents to investigate, pursue and respond to these types of fraud and claims. If any person is found making false claims through our internal investigation, our legal team has been instructed to pursue the matter criminally and or legally. Examples include, but are not limited to, reporting the crime to local authorities, collection placement, civil claim filing, and reporting to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. We take this matter seriously and will pursue these cases to the full extent of the law. Please note chargeback fees, collection, and attorneys fees will be added.

Fraudulent disputes are theft. Filing a charge dispute after a legitimate purchase, including subscription purchases, is considered fraud and theft. You've agreed to our subscription terms and we make it easy to make changes or cancel anytime. Due to sanitary reasons and our commitment to quality we cannot accept returns. Once a shipment has been processed (meaning it has been billed and has entered our shipping queue) it cannot be canceled. Failing to cancel your subscription prior to processing IS NOT legitimate grounds for a charge dispute.

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