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How long do orders typically take to deliver once in transit?

Once shipped, domestic orders usually deliver within 2-7 business days. Please keep in mind that business days do not include observed holidays. For international orders, please double check our FAQ…

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Can I cancel an order after it processes?

To keep our commitment to fast & reliable shipping, our fulfillment team is staffed to ship all orders on the same day that they're processed. Given this commitment and the volume of orders processed…

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Do you offer free shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not. Like many companies, we are seeing increases in the cost of business. These increasing costs, particularly the cost of shipping, was limiting our ability to keep prices low…


How long do orders typically take to process before shipping?

Personalized full-size regimen orders always ship the same day of processing to ensure our members are able to stay as consistent as possible with their routines, while new trial orders and individua…

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