What is Try Before You Buy?

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Our Try Before You Buy offers are an easy, low-cost way for customers to give our products a test run and see if they're a good fit, for just the cost of shipping.

Customers have a 14-day trial period from delivery (or 21 days from order date, depending on how fast the order arrives) to test out the products and decide what works best for them. If there are any products a customer doesn't want to move forward with during their trial, just reach out to our support team at help@geologie.com and we can share a pre-paid return label to send those back our way. Customers won't be charged for any items returned to us before the end of their trial period.

If a customer does not contact our support team during their trial period to set up a return for the items they don't want to move forward with, they will be charged full price for their haircare products at the end of the trial period. The order's initial shipping fee is also non-refundable.

Any applicable Try Before You Buy orders will include an outline of Terms before, during and after purchase of the order, specifically on their respective landing page, checkout page and order confirmation email.

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